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Securing your Storage Unit

Before you move your family belongings into a storage unit you need to get a good lock.  The door should be well shut and you need to pay attention to the type of lock that you are going to buy. This is ideal because it will prevent your storage unit from being broken into. If it’s broken you may end up losing your valuables, thus it’s important to have a good lock.  Theft and vandalism can occur in major case in most of storage units so you better go for a lock that will make it difficult for the thieves in case they get a chance of breaking your unit.

There are many locks to choose from and each lock fall under one of the categories. You can choose a combination lock or a padlock.  The thing is go for the one you thing it suits you, there are a few questions that you must ask yourself before choosing the padlocks.  Some of the questions are:

How Valuable is it?

Probability can be that since you have chosen to rent a storage unit is that maybe you have a property worth $100,000. It can be a vintage car or your baby valuables that you are keeping for him or her. These items need to be protected well thus it is advisable that you shop for a durable and a resistant lock.

Indoor or Outdoor Lock?

This is the second question that you need to ask yourself.  If the lock is used indoors then it will not be subjected to hard conditions like rain freezing, extreme heat and cold temperatures.  These environmental factors can affect your lock; they can also corrode and make the lock to expand. A lock that is made from stainless steel can resist corrosion and they are difficult to cut using a metal.

Verify the Lock

You need to verify the type of lock the unit has. You have to inspect the clasp to make sure that it is tightly fixed and it is free of gaps. Clasps that have gaps can be susceptible to intruders which will make your storage unit to be vulnerable to intruders. Any gap in the clasp should be reported to the management for repair.  When you have looked at the clasp and it is in good condition then you can attach your lock.

There are various locks that you can choose from after asking yourself the questions. There is single dial combination lock this one is operated using one single sequence.  This lock can only be opened by turning the dial in the correct sequence. Another lock is the multiple dial lock this one is operated using several discs that rotate. It is secured with a pin though it is not much secure like the single dial.  Also you can choose to use padlocks but make sure you buy padlocks that are of good quality don’t go for the inexpensive padlocks buy padlocks that have hardened steel shackle.

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